Parents who are seeking a place for their child in Pre-Reception or Reception are invited initially to bring their son or daughter to school for an informal visit to look around the Foundation stage areas and to spend some time with their peer group.

Joining our Pre-Reception class for some or all sessions will allow your child to become familiar with the school at their own pace. We believe a gentle transition from Pre-Reception to Reception gives the best possible start to their education.

We welcome all children joining us for Reception to join us for some settling in sessions in the Summer Term before they start full time school in the Autumn Term.


Potential pupils are invited to attend taster days, during which the children get a feel for what life is like at the Junior School, whilst we have the opportunity to get to know them too. Informal assessments are carried out to help us establish where they are with their learning and how best we can support them.

Visiting children join in with everything our pupils do, so in addition to English and Maths, they might find themselves swimming, taking part in Games, Music, ICT, Art or Science lessons. Candidates for Year 6 might also find themselves sampling Latin or Philosophy! Our children love having a visiting child in their class for the day and enjoy making a fuss of them and showing them the ropes.