Statement in response to The Argus

We can confirm that we received a “no notice” inspection from ISI on the 22nd November 2017. The judgements of the previous ISI inspection in February 2017 reflected the high standards that the school upholds in key areas including Safeguarding and this is available on our website.

We welcome the publishing of the interim report in relation to the “no notice” inspection as we are confident it will reflect the continued application of best practice and the importance the
school places on pupil welfare.

The full “no notice” inspection report will be published on our website as soon as it is made available to us.

We have an excellent relationship with the LADO and SPOA team; the school voluntarily underwent a two-year audit of its Safeguarding practices and policies which was led by East Sussex Local Authority in order to strengthen its use of best practice.

The school is fully compliant with all Safeguarding standards and will always ensure that pupil welfare remains at the heart of everything it does.

For reasons of confidentiality, the school does not comment publicly on the details behind any staff departures.